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BME National has today responded to the government’s consultation on reforms to social housing allocations.

BME National believes that the allocation of social housing is a critical aspect of public policy, shaping the living conditions and opportunities available to individuals and families across the country. However, this consultation has raised significant concerns, particularly from the perspective of minority ethnic communities.


The language of the framing of the consultation is highly politicised which might explain why the proposals are being brought forward at all, as they seem to be a solution to a problem that does not exist. Our response aims to analyse the implications of the proposed changes in the following areas:


  • Fair and Equal Access to Housing

  • Lack of Engagement

  • Risk of Exacerbating Inequality:

  • Impact on Vulnerable Groups

  • Wider impact on housing and homelessness

  • Need for Anti-Racist Approach


Overall, we feel that the consultation document lacks a comprehensive understanding of the needs and experiences of minority ethnic communities. The proposed changes risk exacerbating existing inequalities and perpetuating systemic biases within the housing system. To address these concerns, the government must adopt a more inclusive and anti-racist approach that prioritises the voices and perspectives of minority ethnic groups. This requires meaningful engagement, proactive measures to address discrimination, and a commitment to ensuring equitable access to housing for all members of society.

BMENational Response to consultation on social housing
Download DOCX • 125KB

BMENational Response to consultation on social housing
Download PDF • 200KB

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