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IDS Finance Director retires after 33 years service

Abdur Choudhury

Abdur Choudhury

IDS director of finance, Abdur Choudhury retired this week after 33 years of service.

He is replaced by Omar Mapara, previously the chief executive officer of Spitalfields Housing Association.

Mr choudhury recalls seeing the advert for the post of accountant at £5,000 per annum in the window of Reed Employment when getting off a train at Waterloo Station. Although he had no idea what IDS did, he had a 15 minute interview later that day and started work the next day.

At his leaving party, colleagues paid tribute to Mr Choudhury’s 33 years with the housing association and were joined by a number of previous staff who had worked under him now in successful roles in housing and other sectors.

He joined IDS when there were just six head office staff and a turnover of £445,000. Since then the total assets at book value have increased from £4.8 million to £71 million. Over the past three decades he has worked with five chairmen and two chief executives.

Chief executive Paul Westbrook said: “Abdur has helped steer IDS through several fundamental changes in the funding of housing associations, computerisation and subsequent changes in IT systems, five different chairmen and numerous changes in accounting policies. Throughout, he has maintained a calm and ever cheerful disposition and is universally admired by his colleagues.”

Retiring Finance Director Abdur Choudhury said “I have felt a great deal of satisfaction in being part of a ‘not for profit’ service provider with its mandate to provide affordable housing solutions for those in need.”

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