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Black History Month

October is Black History Month and Arawak Walton will be celebrating the contribution made by the BME community in Britain and across the world. Each day in October we have been tweeting an inspiring person of colour and celebrating the contribution they have made.

So far, we have tweeted the below:

Oct 1st

Black History Month was first celebrated in the UK in 1987. It was organised through the leadership of Ghanaian analyst Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, served as a coordinator of special projects for the Greater London Council created a collaboration. It was first celebrated in London.

Oct 2nd

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013 ) – Mandela spent most of his life campaigning for an end to apartheid in South Africa. After over 20 years in prison, he was released and was able to be the first elected President in post-apartheid, South Africa. He was also admired for his forgiveness and willingness to reach out to the white community in South Africa.

Oct 3rd

Rosa Parks (1913–2005) was instrumental in the US civil rights movement of the 1950-60s. It was Parks who began an influential boycott of segregated buses in 1955. She was an influential figure in the civil rights movement, encouraging a break-down of racial barriers. #BHM2018

Oct 4th

You may have heard of Florence Nightingale, but the Crimean War gave us another hero: Mary Seacole (1805-1881). Seacole was a British-Jamaican nurse who, despite being turned down from everywhere due to prejudice, gave support and help to those on the front line. @bmhuk #BHM2018

If you would like to know more, follow the hashtag #BHM2018 on twitter.

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