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BME Housing Associations Have Been Working To Level Up Our Communities For Years

Speaking at The Great Northern Conference in October 2021, Shruti Bhargava outlined the critical role played by Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) housing associations in tackling inequalities in our communities.

Shruti, who is also the chair of Unity Housing Association, stated that the Covid-19 pandemic had highlighted social inequalities including those associated with poor housing. BME communities were concentrated in the areas with multiple levels of deprivation leading to decreased life expectancy amongst the population.

The exclusion of BME-led organisations from power structures had negatively impacted on economic development in our poorest communities. Members of BMENational were at the forefront of levelling up initiatives and were more than just landlords. Particularly important was the work being done to close employment skills gaps and promote entrepreneurship.

Click below to hear a recording of Shruti’s speech.

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