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Lawrence Stewart A Great Man and Asset to the Housing Association World has Died

Lawrence a friend and colleague  to many in the housing world sadly died  aged 55 years on 15 January 2013 following a stroke at his home at the week end. His family have asked for his friends and colleagues in the housing world to send  them their memories of him so these can be included in their celebrations of his life and funeral. Please contact Yvonne Atkinson to find out how to pass these on.

Lawrence a life committed to housing – a celebration

Lawrence was  a housing and finance practitioner and consultant with Board Development Agency.   He has worked in social housing since 1997. Previously he was a financial analyst at the Housing Corporation and the Chief Executive of:Croydon Peoples Housing Association and Pathway Housing Association. He led Croydon’s People HA to  its merger with Notting Hill Housing trust and was rightly proud of his achievements there.  Whilst at the Housing Corporation he was awarded a certification of leadership. Highly qualified and intelligent with an MBA  he was a wise counsellor.  He understood the business of housing and good governance and  the importance of keeping financial control. He was an excellent judge of character utterly diligent and committed to his work. He wanted to make a difference in his working life and through his voluntary charitable commitments.  Lawrence served on many housing boards and was the Chair of a 6th Form College and Black Charities. He was a life long socialist and committed to promoting equal opportunity.  He has made a difference to many with his advice and humour and his penetrating intellect. He will be sorely missed.

His funeral will take place  at 11 am in Streatham London on 25 January. To find out more contact Yvonne Atkinson

  1. The original article is published on the website of the Board Development Agency.

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