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News: BME housing associations platform for future black leaders

A recent report has credited black and minority ethnic (BME) housing associations with moulding a generation of talented black leaders and for fighting discrimination.

It also found that BME housing associations had added considerable value to the sector by providing culturally appropriate services and by significantly raising public and political awareness of race and equality issues.

However, the research, commissioned by housing collective London BME Directors, warned that BME housing associations had to adapt to the changing housing landscape amid the new funding environment and meet the fresh challenges faced by their tenants.

The report, which surveyed 28 key partners and opinion formers from local and regional government, national bodies and the housing regulator, also highlighted that BME housing associations were regarded as solution-focussed, well organised and respected for delivering on promises made to their local communities.

Gina Amoh, chair of London BME Directors, welcomed the report and acknowledged that the BME housing sector needed to evolve.

“The world has changed,” Ms Amoh said, “and we need to respond accordingly. There will always be a role for high performing associations with specialist skills and knowledge.”

“Under-resourced and unrepresented minority groups still need our focus and support,” said Lara Oyedele, chair of umbrella body BMENational. “BME housing associations still have much to contribute in today’s society.”

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