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From strength to strength – 30th anniversary of BMENational

Over the last three decades, the BMENational collective, which was founded as the  Federation of Black Housing Organisations (FBHO), has witnessed many changes in the operating environment. But our core commitment to providing housing, culturally sensitive services, promoting cohesion and investment in BME communities, continues and advances.

Origins – fighting racism in housing

When the Windrush Generation came to Britain, followed by people from south-east Asia, on the heels of earlier migrations from Ireland, they faced rampant racism in the housing system, immortalised by the “No Irish. No Blacks. No Dogs” in the front windows of cheap board and lodging houses. This form of low-end private landlordism in the 1960s and 1970s, of which Peter Rachman was the emblem, exploited the new arrivals, who usually had very little choice but to accept the low quality accommodation, intimidation and harassment that was on offer.

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