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Housing Rights Newsletter

How new immigration rules affect housing and benefits

The first newsletter of 2021 from the CIH and BMENational focuses on the immigration rule changes and how they affect housing and benefits, especially for European nationals in the UK. In the meantime, the countdown has begun for European nationals who still need to apply for settled status – our clock tells you how much time they have left.

The newsletter brings you articles and news items on:

  1. How the new immigration rules affect social landlords

  2. Will rough sleepers be penalised under the new immigration rules?

  3. Risks loom for European nationals as the June 30th deadline approaches

  4. “No recourse” is still in the news

  5. More on Windrush and the hostile environment

  6. Post-Brexit immigration rules – other key changes

  7. Growing problems with asylum seeker accommodation

  8. Other news.

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