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News: Aksa housing association’s helping hand

A terminally ill child from Chadderton whose benefits were cut has been able to continue her gymnastics thanks to immediate support from Aksa housing association.

Nine-year-old Courtney Davies suffered lung damage when two, and has Pulmonary Fibrosis, a disease more commonly associated with older people.

Mum Paula turned to Aksa’s Housing Support Team for help.

However, the family recently lost the Disability Living Allowance for Courtney, despite the rigorous care regime which they have to follow to prolong Courtney’s life.

Medical advice for sufferers includes regular exercise to maintain exercise tolerance and Courtney was devastated as the benefit covered membership of Oldham Gymnastics based at the Radclyffe School.

Although the family is appealing against the benefit decision, Housing Support worker Adele Stretch realised the consequences for Courtney, who attends nearby Christ Church School.

And Adele’s employer Aksa housing association was quick to announce that it would cover the gym costs to maintain Courtney’s life-prolonging exercise.

Chair of Aksa, Aslam Khan and Housing Support Officer Adele Stretch called to see Courtney and her family to present a cheque to cover the gym fees.

Aslam said:  “Our housing support team do a great job for all clients, but it was impossible not to be moved by this case.  The family has much more to overcome than the rest of us, and I’m pleased to take some of the worry away from the Davies family.”

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