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News: BME HA Gharana Housing joins Housing 21

Leading social enterprise, Housing 21, has announced that Gharana Housing Association has joined the Housing 21 group.

Gharana Housing Association, which is based in Northamptonshire, was established 15 years ago to meet the needs of older people from BME communities in and around Northamptonshire.

The move sits well with Housing 21’s strategic vision to integrate housing, care and health services and to provide high quality, culturally appropriate care for residents and service users. Gharana’s skills in developing and managing culturally appropriate services for older people from BME communities will be of great benefit to Housing 21, enabling the company to offer more choice and availability.

Pushpa Raguvaran, Chief Executive of Housing 21 said: “We believe that by working together we can learn from each other and enhance the quality of services we provide across our organisations. Gharana is an outstanding organisation and we are fortunate they have chosen to join us.”

Chairperson of the Gharana Housing Association, Pratima Dattani added: “Gharana Housing Association is very pleased to be a part of the Housing 21 group and I feel this is a positive step forward. Both organisations offer high quality housing and care support to older people, and our local community focus means that we will strengthen each other as we move towards supporting more older people.”

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