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News: Hackney kids awarded for anti-bullying film

Neighbours from Middleton Grange Estate gathered last Thursday for the screening of a film produced by the local youth club.

The special red-carpet Oscar night, organised and part-funded by the North London Muslim Housing Association (NLMHA), included an award ceremony to honour the budding filmmakers and actors.

The production of the short film took place over February half-term and gave participants a chance to learn new skills, operate broadcasting equipment and perform in front of camera. The team addressed topics such as cyber-bullying, mugging and eating disorders.

Youngsters from Middleton Grange Youth Club receive their certificates

“I had a lot of fun working with my friends and learning how to work as a team,” said

11-year-old Bruno Gaisie, one of the film’s co-stars. ”I think it’s good for other kids to see the film so they know how to get help when they’re being bullied and how to deal with their problems.”

The filming was supervised by Mouth That Roars, a film production company that helps young people find their voice. Their recent projects have tackled difficult subjects such as poverty, individual rights during a police stop and search and how children in conflict-ridden countries cope with everyday life.

Sajna Begum from NLMHA said: “The project was a great success and it has helped with community cohesion within our estate.

“It was important for the young people to make such film as it gave them an opportunity to come together and explore social issues that exist in today’s society.”

A Day In Our Life will be available to view online at:

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