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We know there’s a housing crisis – but why is it so much worse for black families?

Shineade Sey is about to move. After three years in a flat in south-east London, she is selling up and buying a house with her partner. Sey, who is half Jamaican and half Ghanaian, says she is lucky – when her former employer was bought out she received a payment that meant she was able to buy her first home. “Without that, I would probably still be saving now,” she says. While her white friends had already bought by the time she could afford to, she was among the first of her friends of black descent. “Their parents weren’t able to help them – many were in social housing to begin with and a lot are from single-parent families – I come from a single-parent family, too, and my mum was in her late 30s before she was able to buy … before that, we lived in social housing… Read the full article on the Guardian Website here

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