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CIH and BMENational housing rights website

A message from John Perry ( at CIH:

Dear colleague,

I’m sure you are aware of the CIH/BMENational housing rights website ( which provides help to migrants and their advisers about access to housing and housing benefit. CIH has been offered a small grant from the TDS Charitable Foundation (itself funded by the Tenants Dispute Service) to extend the website to cover the private rented sector (PRS). The aim will be to guide migrants and their advisers on access to the PRS, problems they may encounter, how to exercise their rights, access to LHA, the checks that will be imposed by the Immigration Act, etc. It will be of particular benefit to recent migrants who are often forced into poorer parts of the sector and are unaware of their rights and find it difficult to access advice services

We are writing to let you know about this work but also to request (a) any documentation or advice notes which you use and which might be helpful in building up the material (including sources that could be referred to on the site) (b) if you have particular expertise or have staff working in this area (whether advising migrants or advising on entry to the PRS in general), and would be willing to look at draft material before it goes live.

We plan to contact a small number of agencies by telephone to discuss their priorities for advice on the PRS and potentially to road-test some of the material.

We hope that this will further add to what we believe is already a valuable and well-used resource, and in any event we’ll be in touch again early in 2015 when the new material goes live.

Best wishes

John Perry

CIH Policy Adviser

If you have any feedback about this new changes, please send your messages to John Perry at

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